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What does the name Odaycare24 mean?

Odaycare24 stands for Oral Beauty Care 24 and which means our products are made for you to be able to do your daily oral care beauty any hour a day anywhere you are.

How long does each Odaycare24 product last once I open it?

This varies by item, depending on volume and frequency of use.

How do I check my order status?

An email will be sent with a shipping confirmation and tracking information. Still have a question? Email us at 

How do I cancel my order?

Please contact  . We can only cancel orders that have not yet been processed for shipping.

Where can I purchase Odaycare24 products?

Odaycare24 products are available on 

How do I become a subscriber?

When placing an order, you must select the "Subscribe" option on the product page.

How is my subscription sent?

Your subscription will be sent using our standard shipping partners. We recommend that the delivery address that you use is where you will most likely be during business hours. If you are working full time you may opt for the box to be delivered to your work, or else if someone is available to receive your package at home you can opt for that as well.

How can I change my payment method?

You can do so by going to My Account → Manager Subscription → Billing Information.

How do I change my delivery address?

You can change your delivery address in the to My Account → Manager Subscription → Subscription → Edit.

Can I apply a promo code ?

While checking out from your shopping cart you can apply the Promo Code in the " Discount Code' Bar and proceed to payment.

how long does the charge battery last ?

on an average usage of 3 to 4 times daily the battery could last up to 15-20 days with a two hours charge.